2 Favorite Workouts

There are so many different types of workouts out there....have you noticed!?!? From workout DVDs, workout classes, pilates, yoga, running, weight lifting, etc., etc., etc.

The list goes on....

It is hard to stay set on a good workout patterns when there are new types of workouts coming at you.

I feel like this has been a struggle for almost a year now.  When I started running last July and then decided to run a half marathon, it was hard to add other workouts in between my training runs.  I never got consistent with an cross-training, so I was mostly running.  Then this year, in March I realized how weak I had gotten elsewhere so I started the April Fit Challenge that focussed on cardio & weight lifting. It was great, but then I missed being able to run, or do yoga in between. It is hard for me to create a balance of working out while also being consistent when I enjoy so many different types of workouts.

So for the summer I have decided to create a training plan, starting next week that is focussed on yoga and running ONLY! Why you may ask? Because I want to get better and better at yoga and one day teach it.  And I love running and am training again for a half in the Fall!

I am excited to create a plan. Having the April Fit Challenge plan really helped me because I had each night planned what workout I would do.  I will share my plan with you next week once I start it!!


Did I mention that running & yoga are my two favorite workouts!!