12 Days of Family Fitmas

It's December....the most WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! 

So why does it seem like this time of year can be the most stressful....frustrating....devastating.....and neglectful time of year. 

This time of year has such pure joy wrapped around it, and yet we let busyness of parties, pressure of having the perfectly decorated home and most decadent apple pie, not to mention the financial stress of  buying our kids all the gifts get us down. We get distracted, neglect ourselves, and forget about the joy that is involved in Christmas! 

That's why I've teamed up with some AMAZING ladies to to host the FREE 12 Days of Family Fitmas! 

That's right...I said FREE! 

So what all does it entail? 

  1. It's risk free! Because it's FREE! 
  2. 12 days of different styles, and challenging workouts for you to stay fit during the holidays, so you don't have to feel guilty for enjoying your favorite holiday snack on Christmas Eve....and maybe Christmas Day too! 
  3. 12 days of fun activities to do with the kids! That's right, we are challenging each other to refocus this holiday season! These will be simple activities that you can do with the kids. Some of them will be about giving back to others, while some activities will be all about separating yourself from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and enjoying time together! 
  4. An amazing accountability group! It's a proven fact that you stick to things when you are kept accountable! So we will be creating a Facebook group where we are asking you to check in daily! We want you to post fun photos of you and your kids taking part in the activities! Share sweetie selfies! and more! 
  5. PRIZES! That's right! When you stay dedicated during the full 12 days, (hey, that's less than 2 weeks...you CAN DO IT!), and you stay active in our group, you will be eligible to win some great prizes! 

So who is ready to commit yourself and your family to the FREE 12 Days of Family Fitmas!? 

The 12 Days of Family Fitmas starts on Monday, December 12th and will end on December 23rd! 

Here's how to participate! 


Once you sign up I'll send you information on how to get registered, then add you to our group!

Then grab this graphic and share it on your Facebook profile! Tag @BrittanySuell & CleanEatingMommy and tell all of your friends to join us! The More the Merrier (literally)! 


Let's make this the best and most intentional holiday season ever!