Need a Vacation from Vacation?

Let me introduce to you Kendra. She has traveled all over the world and is coming to us today and sharing ways to make our vacations relaxing and peaceful.... Seriously, how many times have you said you need a vacation from vacation?! Well... listen up.... Kendra has some great tips for us... :)

Meet Kendra. 


Simple Ways to Make Your Travels Peaceful and Relaxing

There's more to having a relaxing vacation than simply getting away from familiar surroundings. Even though that's a good start, there are a number of ways that you can enhance your time away from home and make your travels that much more peaceful and relaxing!

Tip 1: Choosing the Right Hotel

Some hotels out there are better equipped to help you relax than others. Take, for example the Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants; each room offers a free yoga mat as well as access to on-demand fitness channels. How great is that? Now you don't even need to leave your room to stay fit and refreshed.

Even when I’m in a touristy location like Orlando and traveling with my family, I still like to stay active and maintain my fitness regime. I really enjoy using Gogobot, a travel review site to help me determine where I’m going to stay. I looked through their hotels that were nearby some SUP Yoga classes - yoga on surfboards? Sign me up!

Tip 2: Keep Hydrated!

This one is pretty simple. It's so simple, in fact, that many people forget about it. One simple change you can make to leave your body feeling great all day is to just drink more water. Your body is prone to dehydration when you travel, so make sure you keep a water bottle with you.

Tip 3: The Importance of General Nutrition

Consider having the server pack half your meal in a to-go box next time you eat out. You'll be less likely to overeat and more full of energy to get out and explore. You can always finish your meal later if you're still hungry back at the hotel! I like packing snacks that are high in water content - that way I am killing two birds with one stone and staying hydrated throughout the day as well!

Tip 4: Discover and Embrace your Practice

Whether you're a yoga veteran or your stay in a Kimpton Hotel has you interested in the idea, yoga is a fantastic choice for helping you to stay limber and relaxed as you travel. A quick sun salutation in the morning will help you start your day feeling refreshed. Be sure you concentrate on your breathing; you'll be surprised at how quickly and effectively even a quick yoga routine can serve to alleviate the stresses and anxieties of travel.

Tip 5:  The Pro to Counting your Sheep!

One of the primary concerns with traveling long distances is finding yourself in different time zones. The Yoga Journal encourages travelers to get out and start exploring your new surroundings as soon as you can, citing evidence that time spent in the sunlight can help to "reset" your internal rhythms.

These five tips are just the start; there are plenty of ways to enjoy stress-free, relaxing, and refreshing travels. Most of all, remember to have fun!