108 Salutations to the Sun Rise

This past weekend I got to experience something that really fed my inner YOGI! I got to attend a Lululemon hosted event called Rise & Shine Yoga! It was there Summer Solstice Yoga event that consisted of 3 hours of sunrise yoga, including 108 Sun Salutations, led by 10 different yoga instructors from the Ft. Worth Area.


I lucked out because my husband and I were going to the Ft. Worth area for the weekend for a wedding. I happened upon the Lululemon Facebook page and saw their event, and it didn't conflict with the wedding, so we decided to leave a day early just so I could attend.

So we got into Ft. Worth (a 2.5 hr drive) around 11:45PM, went to sleep at 1AM, and I was up at 5:15, and on my mat by 6AM!

The event was held in an awesome outdoor location, and about 75 other Yogi's attended.  The instructor's each led us through a portion, then passed the teaching off to someone else, ending in a 2.5 hour class, filled with 108 sun salutations.


Each instructor focussed on a specific topic of our personal growth and goals, and the morning ended with us being able to create our own vision board surrounding those topics.


I was so amazed with my body and that I was able to do that many chutarangas! & I felt like I hit a new milestone in my yoga career attending that long of a class, doing that many sun salutations.  It was also such an invigorating experience to be practicing with that many other yogis around me.


 It was a wonderful way to start my weekend, and even with a lack of sleep and very sore muscles, I left thankful that I took the time to do it.

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