10 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day #7! Stay safe while running!

Today we are discussing ways to stay safe while running outside. When you are running outside, whether it's in a neighborhood, through a park, or on a track, you need to take precautions to stay safe.  That may be safety against dogs, strangers, or even cars.

I know we have all heard of sad stories of runners being hit by a car. I actually know a blogger who was training for a half, and got hit by a car. Thank the Lord she was okay, and lived through it, but it was a long road to recovery.  When we hear of these tragic stories though, many times our thought, whether consciously or not is..."Well that won't happen to me." Somehow we always think the worst isn't quite real, or not real enough to happen to us.

That's why when my mom hounds me about taking pepper spray with me while I run my neighborhood, I am reluctant to remember it.  Although I am not naive to the fact that strangers have attacked runners, it just doesn't seem real enough to happen to ME!

But....bad things can happen, so let's talk about some ways to take care of ourselves and be SAFE while we run!

  • Pepper Spray! They even have little velcro straps so you can loop it on your running belt (aka a Flip Belt! Enter to WIN one HERE) or around your wrist or ankle. Or it has a clip that can hook onto you.
  • Light Vest! There are multiple options out there for this. But a light vest is awesome and definitely makes you be seen.  This is good to have if you are running early mornings, in foggy or cloudy weather, or at dusk.  I would avoid running in the dark all together! 
  • Knuckle Lights! Also a great option for making yourself be seen! I have a pair of these and love them! They fit gently around your knuckles with a nice band around the back of your fingers so they move when you run, and have different brightnesses and patterns of light. 
  • Reflective Gear! and/or Bright Clothes! Always, Always, Always where bright clothes when running.  Even in the middle of the day! With as much as people text and drive, or just look down at their phones.  Seeing a bright dash of something might get there attention if they are looking down! And anything you can wear with reflective gear on it is also awesome and helpful! 
  • A Friend! In the realm of guarding against strangers, run with a friend.  This might be a running partner, in a running club, or with a spouse or significant other.  If someone wanted to hurt you, they would be less likely to mess with you if there are two people.

That brings me to my next point....

  • A Dog! Run with your dog! This will usually scare strangers away, other dogs will a lot of times leave you alone (other than annoyingly barking at you and your furry friend). and, there's more movement happening so people driving might seeing you more from a distance! Plus, running with a dog can also give you a little more challenge and make you pay more attention to your run as well, so it's a WIN WIN!

So to help you be safe while running, today, to celebrate the 7th Day of the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway, I'm going to give one lucky WINNER a Spi Belt Running Dog Leash!


 I have one of these and love it! 

The leash itself is strong and sturdy, and I love that it has the pouch right by your hand to hold your keys, phone, money, running fuel, or whatever you can fit in it. 

dog leash


Who wants to WIN!?!?!

Day 7

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