10 Days of Christmas Day #5! The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List!

Wahoo! Day #5! That means we are halfway through the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaways, and one day closer to Christmas! That also means today has got to be something GOOD!

10 days of Christmas

So today, I am so excited to tell you about a great product that will make an AWESOME gift for Christmas!

The Flip Belt!


Almost two years ago I reviewed the first generation Flip Belt, but since then, things have changed, and the Flip Belt is even better!

When you see an item like the Flip Belt: a pocket belt that holds your personal items, the first thing you probably think is..."That is a great product for runners!" Which it is! BUT....it is also a great product for other athletes and fitness professionals as well! As a matter of fact, I think it's a great product for a mom too, even if you never work out at all! Let me explain why:

What in the Flip is a Flip Belt!?

A Flip Belt is a singular tubed pocket belt with multiple slits around it for easy access, as well as a small hook to hold your keys.  It is utilized by athletes who need their hands free while also having their personal items close by.

Awesome qualities of the Flip Belt:

-4 easy to access slits around the belt

-No messing around with zippers or velcro

-single tubed belt, so you can utilize the entire thing for storage

-String/hook for your keys


-Fits tight to your body

-Feels secure when moving, jumping, or running

-Doesn't flop against you, but stays close to your body

-Great material that feels good against the skin and doesn't chafe

-Comes in great colors, but also neutrals (Black, Navy, and Gray as well)


-Made from high quality material, and is a sturdy, well put together product

-Once all items are safely in the belt, you can FLIP the belt to ensure that none of your items fall out


So those are just some of the great things I love about the Flip Belt! Yes I love it for running because I am a runner.  Today though, I wore it all over town while running errands with my 7 month old baby.  I was wearing leggings, and a workout shirt, so I had zero pockets, and was toting around a 20lb baby, and items I was returning to stores.  So...this led little room for me to want to lug around my purse as well.  Instead, I just stuck my phone, my ID, my debit card, and my keys inside my flip belt! It worked great!

Another perk I like about the Flip Belt, is that it fits so nice and tight around my waist, that it holds my leggings up when they get lose during a workout and start sagging! This seems to happen to me often! hahaha So I'm loving using the Flip Belt as an actual belt, plus enjoying the easy use of the pockets as well.

So....wondering if the Flip Belt is REALLY secure!?? Check out this video of the Flip Belt in action!

So, whether you are running, doing burpees, or box jumps, the Flip Belt stays close to your body.  Plus, I've tried several belts for running, and a lot of them will jiggle, or FLOP while my phone is in them and I'm running down the road...which gets so annoying and distracting. The Flip Belt doesn't do that! Because of the way it is built, and the way the material lays against your body, even when items are in it, it stays neatly in place and secure near your body.

Obviously the Flip Belt is the PERFECT GIFT for everyone on your Christmas list this year!! 

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I also have the opportunity for one lucky reader to WIN a Flip Belt!

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Wishing you a FLIPPIN' Good Holiday!