I am passionate about helping women live the healthy and fit life that they desire and deserve, and believe that as women change, they become a catalyst to change the health of their families.  I believe that there is a direct attack on the health of women that keeps them from living their happiest and fullest life. It is my passion to help call out the giftings in others, and to help them identify the attacks of Satan on their destiny so that they can live in the fullness that God has for them, and leave a healthy legacy for generations to come! 



Hi, I'm Brittany

I am a mom of 2, Yoga instructor, and recovering picky eater from Texas. I'm the creator of the 21 Day Sugar Free Academy, author of the Simply Sugar Free Cookbook, and a passionate entrepreneur.

I am a mom and wife, a lover of life, and Jesus. I am all about dreaming big, and living my best life. I love the simple joys that come with everyday life, as well as the big adventures that life takes us on! Coffee, laughter, sweating, and travel are some of my favorite things.

I am passionate about impacting the overall health of women, who are the catalyst of their families, so when they are changed, generations are changed!  

I believe that when we are healthy and fit, we are living our happiest life. We are more energized, confident, and overall healthy, which enables us to go after our dreams, and live our best life! God created us to live life to the fullest, and we are only able to do that when we are taking care of ourselves, as well as achieving our calling as women!

Join me as I simplify the healthy & fit life, and make it easier to live your best life!

I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor through ACE, I teach Yoga and online boot camps! Let's chat about getting you set up with the program that is right for you!  



Get your copy of the Simply Sugar Free Cookbook to help kick start your family's journey to a sugar free life!





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